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Executive members and Staff

President Rivers Profile Pic.jpg

Terrell Rivers, President 

Terrell J. Rivers was re-elected for a second term as PSOU president in April of 2017, having first served in this position beginning in April 2014. An active member of the Union since 2011, he originally became a shop steward in 2013 via petition. Terrell has been a security officer at the University of Pennsylvania for Allied Barton/Universal since 2010.

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 Colin Koch, Vice President

Colin Koch, elected PSOU’s vice-president in April 2014 and re-elected in April 2017, has been actively involved with the Union since June 2011 and was previously elected first assistant secretary in the fall of 2013. Colin has worked with Allied Barton/Universal’s Penn Patrol since the beginning of 2009, and served as shop steward at Allied Barton/Universal for its University of Pennsylvania account from May 2013 through April 2014.

Dominic Allen Treasurer Profile Pic.jpg

Dominic Allen, Treasurer 

Dominic Allen was elected as treasurer of the PSOU in April 2017, having been a shop steward and a negotiations committee member since June 2015. Dominic has been a PSOU member since 2012 and has worked in the security profession since May 2008.

Bryant Hall Secretary Profile Pic.jpg

Bryant Hall, Assistant Secretary 

Bryant Hall became assistant secretary for the PSOU in 2017, after serving as a shop steward since 2013. He has been employed by Allied Barton/Universal since mid-2007 and at the University of Pennsylvania as a Patrol Officer since mid-2009.

Kamira Gardner Secretary Profile Pic.jpg

Kamira Gardner, Secretary 

Kamira Gardner was elected secretary of the PSOU in 2017, after taking over the post of assistant secretary in 2014. A security officer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 2007, she has served as a union shop steward since 2010 and has been an active member of the Union since 2009.

Pam Smith Sargeant @ Arms.jpg

Palmetta Bayne-Smith, Sergeant-At-Arms

Palmetta Bayne-Smith was nominated to be sergeant-at-arms for the PSOU in 2013 and won that election. She has been with the Union since 2012, having attended all Union meetings and serving as a shop steward for a year. Palmetta has worked as a security officer for the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation since 2003.

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